In response to our members’ requests that we make scholarships and support for students and seasonal staff a regional priority, we’ve made some changes to our scholarship program.

This year, there will be 3 types of scholarships offered:

  1. Five scholarships to the National Conference for your entire registration fee.
  2. Five scholarships to the Regional Workshop for $150 each.
  3. Three scholarships for NAI Certification courses at up to $250 each.

In the past, we’ve viewed scholarships as a membership benefit, but that creates a barrier for those seeking to join our profession –you have to put down your money for a membership first, and then hope you qualify for a scholarship later.  To address this, we are eliminating the requirement to be a member before you apply for a scholarship (with the exception of National Conference scholarships).

However, if you are selected for a scholarship you will be required to become a member before receiving your scholarship check.  So, for example, if you were selected for one of the five $150 Regional Workshop scholarships, you would FIRST have to join NAI (student-$25, seasonal-$50). After you are a member, you would qualify for the discounted Workshop registration fee at the member rate and we would send you the scholarship check. The $150 scholarship will reimburse you for your first year membership and Workshop registration, as well as providing a little extra for gas money to get you to the Workshop.

Of course we know that many employers do not cover workshop costs for our professional members.  Professional members have always been eligible for our Region’s scholarship program and that will continue.  The same $150 Workshop scholarship won’t go quite as far when you are paying full-price for the workshop, but it should still be enough to make a big difference.

Current membership will still be a requirement for National Conference scholarship applications.

New this year we are offering three scholarships of up to $250 for NAI Certification courses.  These will be available year-round (until the funding runs out).  As with the Regional Workshop scholarship, you will not be required to be a member to apply, but you will be required to join once you are selected.

Application information for both Certification and Workshop scholarships will be posted soon.  Please see for details on NAI’s membership categories.

Current Scholarship opportunities below:

NAI 2020 National Conference Scholarship

This is your year to attend the NAI National Conference! With the Conference going virtual this fall, there are no travel costs or approvals to consider and registration is considerably lower than usual. We hope many of our members will take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the top-notch concurrent sessions, professional development, and networking opportunities the National Conference provides. If registration still seems out of reach, however, we’re here for you! This year we are pleased to offer FIVE scholarships to members to cover the entire cost of your registration fee.  Complete the application here no later than Friday, September 4th and return it to


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