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Sierra Pacific Workshop – Friday Field Trips In-Person – March 11, 2022

Welcome to the overview of all Field Trips for the Sierra Pacific Workshop 2022. All Field Trips
are live and will be held March 11. Once you decide on field trips you would like to attend,
please contact Robin Joy to sign up at . Once you are signed up you will
receive the full details including a parking pass. We are hoping for a good turnout. Participants
for the field trips must be registered to attend the virtual workshop. I imagine you can head to
the coast and stay with some local friends or family, attend the field trip, and then kick back to
enjoy the virtual workshop. All Field Trips are going to be fantastic lead by wonderful
interpreters who are looking forward to hosting you live and in-person.

Año Nuevo State Park

Lead: Susan Blake – California State Park Interpreter I – Año Nuevo State Park
Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Cost: Free for parking and tour

Join Susan Blake on a private tour of an elephant seal rookery during the weanling
pup season! Learn about our large docent program and how we run tours for the
public. Año Nuevo is one of the largest mainland breeding colonies in the world
for Northern Elephant Seals. There are also sea otters, California sealions,
cormorants, terns, and more. View native plants and this wonderful ecosystem
inside the protected preserve.

Big Basin Readwoods State Park

Lead: Sky Biblin – California State Park Interpreter I – Wilder Ranch State Park and Will Fourt – Big
Basin Senior Project Planner
Time: 8:45 AM – 12:00 PM
Cost: Free for parking and tour

Join us as we explore a landscape recently shaped by wildfire. This tour will take you on a
journey through an old-growth coast redwood forest that was burned in the 2020 CZU Lightning
Complex Fire. Wildfire ecology topics including tree species resistance and resilience,
vegetation recovery, and wildfire mitigation strategies will be discussed. Additionally,
interpretive plans for re-establishment of public access to the park, reimagining efforts and long-
term interpretive planning for a park emerging from a natural disaster will be covered. Since we
will be entering an area that contains post-wildfire hazards, this tour is weather dependent and
will be cancelled if there are heavy rain or wind events prior to, or on the day of the tour.

Rancho San Andres Castro Adobe State Historic Property.

Lead: Paul Karz – Senior Interpretive Aide Rancho San Andres Castro Adobe State Historic Park
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Cost: Free for parking and tour

Visit Rancho San Andres Castro Adobe for a 90-minute interpretive tour of the only two-story adobe building leftin Santa Cruz County from the Mexican Rancho period.  This restored hacienda was built over 170 years ago by the Juan Jose Castro whose family was part of the 2 nd Anza expedition who
walked here from Sinaloa Mexico back in 1776. You will learn about the history of the Rancho, the Castro family, architectural facts about their adobe home, and the collaborative relationship between State Parks and our co-managing partner Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks that has made this restoration possible.

Castle Rock State Park

Lead: Alex Trudelle – State Park Interpreter I Backcountry Naturalist, CA State Parks Backpacking Lead
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Cost: Free for parking and tour

Castle Rock State Park, “The Gateway to the Santa Cruz Mountains”, will offer you a cross-
section of the park’s natural splendor by hiking the Goat Rock/CR Falls Loop. You will be led
by Alex Trudelle, State Park Interpreter I and Backcountry Naturalist. The hike is about 3 miles,
mostly along the ridge line. We’ll take in the spectacular vistas along the loop as we discuss
some of the park’s unique offerings, including the California State Park Backpacking Adventures
(CASPBA) program’s guided backpacking trips.

The Forest of Nisene Marks Hike – Off the Beat and Path

Lead: Paul Karz –
Senior Interpretive Aide Rancho San Andres Castro Adobe State Historic Park 184 Old Adobe
Road, Watsonville, CA 95076
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Cost: Free for parking and tour

Join Paul for a 2.5-hour, three-mile, moderate hike through The Forest of Nisene Marks.  This interpretive journey will focus on redwoodsurvival and the renewal of a forest that was completely logged over 100 years ago.   We will delve into forest history and prehistory while following the ghost rail tracks to the abandoned Loma Prieta townsite.  Along the way we will also investigate marine fossils that are found deep in the forest and are over three million years old.

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

Lead: Dylan McManus- California State Park Interpreter I – Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Cost: Free for parking and tour

Join Dylan at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. He will model a pre-trip virtual conference. Afterwards, the group will head out into the redwood forest to measure some of the trees and and discuss how this activity aligns with NGSS. Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park inspires calm reflection, while its historical significance and spectacular scenery draw travelers from around the world. Visitors can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, picnicking, swimming, camping and fishing on more than 4,650 acres of forested and
open land in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The skyscraping redwoods here were admired by William Sherman, Ulysses Grant and President Theodore Roosevelt. These trees also inspired some of California’s earliest redwood preservation efforts.

Natural Bridges

Lead: Martha Nitzberg – State Park Interpreter I
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Cost: Free for parking and tour

From rocks to rock crabs, how geology affects the marine ecosystem
and how Marine Protected Area’s (MPA’s) protect for the future. Join Martha Nitzberg as we
explore the MPA Tidepools using scientific tools and techniques that they use with some Middle
School and older groups. Find out more about the MPA and discuss how it helps us protect the
NB tidepools. Discover what shapes the tidepools and what protects our tidepools at NB (shapers
and protectors). You will conduct an MPA watch, and use quadrats with LIMPETS lite to
explore the tidepool zones. Discuss fun features of creatures and the background of the
MPA. The walk out to the tidepools is about 1 mile each direction. This park and beach is an
excellent vantage point for viewing shore birds, migrating whales and as well as seals and otters
that play offshore. The park also includes a large area of coastal scrub and grasslands with bright
native wildflowers in the spring. The tide pools you will be seeing are filled to the brim with
thousands of creatures, each one doing its best to survive in a constantly changing environment.

New Brighton to Seacliff – Coastal Stroll

Lead: Daniel Williford – California State Park Interpreter II – and Ashley Wemp – California State Park Interpreter I
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Cost: Free for parking and tour

Join Daniel and Ashley on a 3-mile round-trip beach walk from New Brighton to Seacliff where you will explore and learn about the past, present, and future of the natural and cultural history of this incredible coastline. This walk is along the edge of the Monterey Bay where you will explore the coastlines natural history, why this beach is unique, learn about the Monterey Pine Forest, the Monterey Bay itself, the marine
mammals, birds, geology, beach plants, invertebrates and everything in between including the many protections. You will also get some insights to the cultural history of the bay, the ships and the Agents of Discovery. Daniel and Ashley are a wealth of information about the natural and cultural history. Variety is the spice of life, and nature delights in this variety!

Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park

Lead: Julie Barrow – California State Park – Special Coordinator. Julie has been associated
with Pigeon Point Light Station for more than 20 years. She began as a volunteer, leading tours
of the lighthouse and grounds. Since 2007, she has worked for California State Parks as the
program coordinator and currently as the Special Projects Coordinator at Pigeon Point.
Time: 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM
Cost: Free for parking and tour

Join Julie as she walks you through the natural history of the area and the cultural history of this lighthouse. The field trip will include a 30-minute history walk and a visit to the top of the lighthouse. We will discuss how the interpretive program has evolved with the prolonged closure of the tower, and recent Covid restrictions and closures. While in the tower, we will learn about the restoration efforts at the park, at ground level and for the tower. We will also visit the museum to see the first order Fresnel lens on display as well as view the exhibits in the oil bunker.

Chitactac-Adams Heritage County Park

Lead: Jan Shriner, Elizabeth Evans, or Park Staff
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Cost: Free for parking and tour

Chitactac-Adams Heritage County Park is a special place to discover the traditions of the native
people who resided along the Uvas Creek for thousands of years. Participants will explore the
plants, wildlife, and technology of what was the Chitactac community village through activity
stations. The site has bedrock mortars and a petroglyph easily viewed from the trail. A visit to
the park will provide a glimpse how the native people lived and respectfully managed the
land. Please join us for a relaxing, hands-on morning of interpretation and community building.

Contact Robin Joy to sign up at

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