Auction and Raffle Donations

Every year we are proud to offer scholarships to attend the Regional Workshops and National Conference to members of our community that would otherwise be unable to afford the expense.  We are able to fund this through the generosity of donations you make to our annual Silent Auction and Raffle.

Please take a moment to think about what you can donate to this small but powerful fundraiser.  We strive to make this event accessible to all of our attendees, so items don’t have to be high in monetary value to make a great contribution.

Also consider what services or skills you could offer, as well as tangible items. Are you an illustrator? A woodworker? A PhotoShop wizard? A podcast or video editor?  A gift certificate for an hour or two of your services might just be what someone else is looking for.

Fill out the following form here to let us know what you plan to donate. Email Lisa Borok at with donation questions and ideas.

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