Call for Videos

Call for Pre-Workshop Video Field Trips!

Submit a video field trip for the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) Sierra Pacific Region (Region 9) Spring 2021 VIRTUAL Workshop. This year’s title is: “Resilient Interpretation: Adapting to Our New World.”

Virtual Field Trips (videos) will be posted during the pre-Workshop, Monday, March 1 through Thursday, March 4. ( Workshop talks are offered online, Friday-Sunday, March 5-7). 

2021 Workshop Theme

The pandemic has exposed our vulnerabilities health-wise, economically, politically, socially, environmentally, and emotionally.  In response, many of us resolved not to go through it alone in the new post-pandemic world, to think of others, to care for each other, to collaborate, cooperate and connect. The pandemic laid bare our country’s social injustice and deep-rooted racism, but it also made us aware that as social creatures we need each other.

In this emerging spring-time world, we gather to build resiliency and conciliation, and to use technology wisely in creating a more inclusive and equitable world. What adaptations have you made in your interpretive techniques, your approaches, your outlook?

Field Trip (Video) Format

  • The 2021 Online Workshop will feature 10 min. to 30 min. interpretive videos from a variety of sites.
  • We encourage you to choose one of these categories for your submission:
    • Taste of the Region: Interpret your regional food, drink, culinary customs, breweries, vineyards, presses, mills, kitchens, or farms. What’s the history, ecology, or significance that we can connect to?
    • For the Fun of It: Have fun and be entertaining, while showing us the beauty of your site or area.
    • Mini Interpretive Tour: Demonstrate different creative interpretive techniques you’ve used during a tour or record an actual tour, modeling the special techniques you used.
  • You may submit more than one video.
  • Our workshop team will provide advice and technical assistance for recording and uploading your content to the Sierra Pacific Workshop platform (on Whova).
  •  All accepted videos will be posted on the Sierra Pacific Region’s YouTube channel, following the conference.
  • Video creators are invited to online chat sessions with attendees, for Q&A and follow up discussions of your virtual field trip. 

Deadline and Contact

SUBMIT YOUR COMPLETED VIDEO BY February 20, 2021. For technical support, questions and submissions, please contact Robin Joy Wellman (

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